Virtual to Reality is a fantasy telling of the Gospel story. By coming at the story from this unique angle, the author Monica Ryan has the opportunity to share spiritual truth in a novel way.

The story begins with a brief introduction of the main characters. The kingdom is ruled by the benevolent Great King. There’re two main evil characters: The Dragon King and an old woman who calls herself the Queen. The story begins with the announcement that the Great King has become the father of a royal son who the dragon plans to destroy. The son lives in obscurity until he has grown to manhood.

A young girl called Faithful is introduced into the story. She meets the Prince unaware that he is the son of the Great King. Faithful falls in love with him but her love is severely tested. The question of whether she will remain faithful without his physical presence reminds us of our own struggle to remain faithful to Jesus.

The uniqueness of the storyline kept me turning pages, even though it was a little long-winded at times. The story was reminiscent of the style of Pilgrim’s Progress and Hinds Feet on High Places.

Overall, an imaginative rendering of the Gospel story.

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