In his book, Victory over the Darkness (Monarch, 1990) Neil Anderson outlines how the believer should see themselves once they have committed their lives to God. He seeks to correct a lot of wrong thinking where the extent of God’s grace has not been fully realized. So often a Christian will still refer to themselves as a “sinner saved by grace.” However Anderson points out this is what we were, this was what happened at conversion. Now we are God’s children, God has credited us with righteousness so we are now saints. Albeit, saints who sometimes sin, but saints nevertheless. This is how God now sees us and His view is the correct one. Our thinking is often distorted by shallow teaching based on how we feel.

Anderson goes on to point out that this is not just a nice theological thought but it actually impacts on the way we behave as Christians. If we continue to think of ourselves as sinners we will continue to act like sinners. If we start to think of ourselves as saints we will start to act more saintly.

I enjoy Anderson’s style, finding it easy to understand and apply to my life.

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