Unnoticed is an enjoyable story about Jane O’Reilly and the new bachelor in town, Price Moreland. It is very loosely based on Cinderella with a nasty step mother, a grand ball and a missing shoe. However, this similarity is hardly noticeable.

I liked the way, the author Amanda Deed, was able to weave some important spiritual truths into the story. For example, we can’t completely depend on someone else to meet our needs for acceptance, belonging and love. It is easy to spiritualize our reasons for the choices we make, and our sense of worth needs to come from being a child of God.

There were times, I found it wearying that Jane kept jumping to the wrong conclusions about Price and his intentions. Though, when I thought about it, this is exactly the way a person in Jane’s position behaves, since she had such poor self-worth. So regardless of the connection to a fairy tale, there was a sense of reality about the story, and the characters were believable.

I found the book well-written and easy to read. I agree with Andrea Grigg, who comments that ‘Unnoticed is Amanda’s best work’ yet.

An enjoyable read.

Thanks to Rhiza Press for providing a free book for review.