A fast paced and cleverly written story begins when Nick and Eryn’s Mom announces she is remarrying. Nick and Eryn are twins with an apparently normal home life. While their parents are divorced, it is an amicable split. Their Mom tells the twins in order to avoid difficult step-sibling relationships, they will never meet their step brother and sister. Of course, being curious 12 year-olds, they conspire to meet them.

Under Their Skin is in the science fiction genre and built on the intriguing premise is that centuries earlier the human race had faced impending doom. Two professors had created a plan for human life to repopulate the world, when it was safe to do so. However, the mystery of what caused the human race to become extinct is not revealed until the final pages.

The author, Margaret Haddix has done a great job in creating circumstances that appear normal but after several plot twists, which are surprising and interesting, we discover that the whole future of the human race is at stake.

A reading guide with discussion questions, plus a sneak peek of book two in the series, are at the back of the book.

Overall, an intriguing read.

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