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The story begins by introducing Dimitri and Leah separately and we discover that they have both experienced significant abandonment as young children. When their paths cross there is an immediate attraction but their relationship hits many rocky moments as their histories make them prone to misunderstandings. In addition Dimitri and Leah are in the midst of their own personal dramas which further impacts their relationship.

Susanne Timpani does a good job of creating believable characters and circumstances. However I found it emotionally draining as both characters have experienced major traumas not only in their pasts but also in their current situations. Perhaps I relate too deeply.

The novel looks at many issues, the impact of our childhoods, dealing with major health issues, the long term effect of political policies and Aboriginal culture. The question of Christian values enlightening our lifestyle was not addressed consequently Aboriginal culture came across as a bit idealised.

I’d like the way Susanne weaves Christian content into the story, especially the Song of Songs. It was an insightful look at the book and a novel way of adding romantic touches to the story. I also liked the Australian setting and the outback scenes which really come alive.

Overall a good read.