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As I began reading Too Pretty I wondered how I would relate to a main character who had a problem with being too pretty. Yet as I was drawn into the story I realized that there are many situations in life where people inadvertently draw attention to ourselves because they are more gifted or talented in a particular situation than others. For example many girls hide the fact they are more intelligent than their boyfriends.

Too Pretty is about Ellie an attractive young women who is never without a boyfriend but the relationships never last. She finds it easy to attract young men but has difficulty being discriminating in romantic relationships. On almost a whim she decides to not date for six months in order to break the pattern of going from one empty relationship to another and discover her own identity. She immediately meets Nathaniel an attractive young man who has issues of his own.

Having established this premise I was wondering how Andrea was going to maintain the tension for the remainder of the book when there wasn’t a lot of action happening, but she achieved this effortlessly. The story provides many interesting insights into issues such as identify, family dynamics and forgiveness. When we don’t live up to our own expectations sometimes the most difficult person to forgive is ourselves.

The book is well written and the characters believable. The story is based on a Christian world view which some may struggle with, but I found genuine.

Overall a great read.