This One Thing I Know : A God-designed Life Journey by Coral Maxwell has a gentle tone to it that’s warm and inviting. Throughout the book Coral shares important Christian principles using Bible passages and personal illustrations. The focus of the book is on how God works in our everyday lives. Coral uses her life experiences to show what this has looked like in her own life.

While God calls some to be pastors, missionaries or to fulfil a more prominent role, God also calls some to commit to long-term roles that don’t attract attention. Many Christians are in roles where they continue to be faithful without any fanfare and often despite ongoing challenges.

Roles like the ones Coral fulfilled as a teacher and school principal of a small Christian school require dedication. In this role, Christian teachers can have a positive impact over many years on the lives of hundreds of students. Sometimes we celebrate people in prominent roles and underestimate the value of the quiet faithfulness of Christians who stay in one profession and location for a long time. They daily go about fulfilling their calling with a heart to honour God.

Overall, a hopeful and uplifting read.

With thanks to Coral Maxwell for providing a free book for review.

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