Currently I’m studying Ethics at Bible College and I stumbled across a copy of Thinking Biblically : studies in Biblical Ethics for Salvationists by Captain Graham Durston (1988).

It is a short publication (38 pages) and after setting the tone in the introduction it covers the following topics: marriage, divorce, singleness, sexuality, homosexuality, and a miscellaneous chapter on alcohol, smoking, and gambling. It is set out in a Bible study format with discussion questions. By commencing with the topic of marriage the author is able to state the high view of marriage that the Bible teaches. From there divorce is set against the back drop of the ideal yet acknowledging that we live in a fallen world. Singleness is not a topic that attracts a lot of attention but can sometimes be viewed as a second rate option in Christian circles. However this is not the Biblical view. Sexuality and homosexuality are also reflected upon in light of the Biblical view of marriage. The final chapter teaches the particular views of the Salvation Army on alcohol, smoking and gambling, with well thought out arguments on these subjects.

Overall I felt it contained the right balance between upholding Biblical standards yet offers grace and compassion to those who fail to meet those standards.