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My book review of: The Way of the Warrior

Book Review : The Way of the Warrior

December 12, 2019

The Way of the Warrior by Erwin McManus is written as an extended metaphor. I took the term “warrior” to mean a mature Christian. I suspect male readers might interpret the term slightly differently.

McManus brings out eight valuable lessons: The warrior fights only for peace, he seeks to become invisible, he finds honour in service, he gains mastery over his mind, he owns defeat, he harnesses his strength, he becomes one with all things, and he stands in others’ pain.

These are qualities Christians would do well to consider and think about how they apply to their lives. McManus does a good job explaining and using illustrations from movies and other people to make his point. He also used personal illustrations, but I found these less effective because they seemed so unusual.

I didn’t find the book an easy read. This may be because I’m not a great lover of extended metaphors. I found it made the book a bit repetitive and I was rather over the term, “warrior,” by the time I finished. Or it may be that as a female, I wasn’t the intended audience, and didn’t relate to the term, “warrior.” However, overall McManus does share some helpful insights.

An interesting read.

by Susan Barnes
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