The Waterdogs (Ark House, 2004) is the first of a three books series. It tells the story of a Christian school teacher who moves to a small town in the Mallee district in Victoria, Australia. She is a city girl who learns to adjust to life in this farming district and along the way uncovers something of her own history. The book has a great plot and is an interesting read. However I often found the dialogue contrived. The author, Jennifer Moore, seems to be cramming too much into the conversations. My only other criticism would be in regard to a letter the main character receives about two thirds of the way through the book. The reader is not given enough hints as to the contents prior to her receiving it so it does not create the intrigue the author intends. Apart from these minor criticisms it is very pleasant to read a story with a Christian base that is set in Australia, and in my own home state. A rare find indeed!