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The Warrior Lord’s Sword is a collection of 31 devotional thoughts about the Bible by Ray Hawkins. Like Ray’s other devotional books, it is not a quick read. Each devotional is well thought through and often weighty. I was fortunate to be able to have a month so I could read one devotion per day which gave me time to digest them. It is interesting to reflect on how much the Bible has to say about itself and the importance that God expects us to place on the Bible.

My favourite devotion was on day seven regarding God’s Breath. We see how powerful his breath is in giving life to Adam, to the vast multitude of dry bones in Ezekiel and in Jesus breathing on his disciples. A great reminder of God’s enabling power. I also enjoyed reading Ray’s thoughts about Israel and the promises of God to them. There are many references to various parts of the Bible providing depth and scope to the material.

Ray has dedicated his book to the people who guarded, copied and distributed his Word. As we take time to reflect on the significance of God’s word it makes us grateful that God has preserved his word over many generations and protected it from those who sought to destroy it so we can read it today.

Thanks to Ray for providing a free book for review.