The Tunnel of Dreams is a fantasy adventure story by Bernard Beckett. The story begins one night when identical twins Stefan and Arlo see a light in an abandoned house. They decide to investigate and meet Alice who is also an identical twin, but her sister, Jackie, has been trapped in a parallel world. This world can only be entered by identical twins on a full moon. The adventure begins when Stefan and Arlo agree to travel to the parallel world to help free Jackie. There are many obstacles and difficulties and always the nagging question of who can they trust?

The twins use magical powers they didn’t know they had, make friends with a variety of people and birds and eventually rescue Jackie, or have they?

Bernard Beckett has created a lot of suspense and encourages the value of friendship, loyalty and belief in one’s abilities in his well-written story. He also touches on the merit of sacrificing for the benefit of others.

Overall, an enjoyable adventure.

Thanks to Christian School Supplier for providing a free book for review.

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