The Travel Club is a celebration of life, love, sex, friends, companionship, music, and travel. It’s a fun and moving story of how six older women meet around a common love of travel and inadvertently form the Travel Club. The six women come from different walks of life and from different ethnic and social backgrounds. Their marital status varies from single, to married and to widowed. They have all experienced various griefs and struggles in their life, but mostly have been able to let the past go and move on. While their friendship develops, there is another relationship growing in the background between the owner of the travel agency and his female assistant.

Part 2 of the story is an actual trip the Travel Club take together and the fun of discovering new sights and sounds bubbles over on nearly every page.

It’s an enjoyable story and moves at a good pace. It’s also quite a busy story with lots of characters which are sometimes hard to keep track of, but mostly they are memorable enough to follow. Jeanie Wood has done a good job of describing the pleasure the ladies experience as well as the moments of deeper reflection on relationships, marriage and faith.

Overall an entertaining read.