I quickly discovered when I began reading, The Stuff of Life by Karl Faase, that I wasn’t the intended audience. Karl is addressing those who are young Christians or those on the fringe of faith. He writes in a more academic tone than I was expecting, as I have heard him speak several times. As a speaker, Karl is very relatable.

In his book, Karl quotes from many well credential speakers and writers and draws heavily from the interviews he conducted for the DVD series, Towards Belief and Jesus the Game Changer. Karl also uses a wide variety of illustrations from life, movies and books.

While the book wasn’t what I expected and I found it a bit cerebral at times, it was still interesting and informative. Karl tackles topics such as love, forgiveness, wisdom, grace, hope, relationships, death, money, time, loss and the ordinariness of life. He brings a Christian world view to these topics and often compares this to the world’s view. Each chapter finishes with a Reflect, Discuss, Action section, which would be useful for a small group.

A good resource.