The Single Ladies of Jacaranda Retirement Village is a hopeful book on aging. The story is engaging, relatable and fun. It shows the value of friendship and community. It covers the many issues facing older people, such as health problems, mobility issues, family dynamics, and keeping a pet.

The story is told from Peggy Smart’s point of view. She’s in her late seventies and has been a widow for some years. She feels mildly attracted to Brian, one of the few male residents at the retirement village. Out of the blue a friend from her past, Angie Valentine, moves into the retirement village. They haven’t seen each other for fifty years. During that time their lives have taken very different paths. Angie has lived a glamorous life in the fashion world. She has had four husbands but has no children. Whereas Peggy has lived a more traditional life of being married to one man and now has two adult children and two grandchildren. Peggy struggles to reconnect with Angie, while Angie seems determine to take Peggy under her wing and enliven her life, starting with a clothing makeover.

Joanna Nell has crafted a well-written story and I found the conclusion of the story satisfying. I was surprised to find the value of forgiveness so well portrayed in a nonspiritual book.

A great read.