I found, The Sin of Certainty by Peter Enns a very beneficial book.

I like Enns’ understanding of the role of the Bible in the Christian life and why it’s difficult to go to the Bible for definitive answers on questions of ethics (slavery for example). The Bible isn’t written as an instruction handbook, though many try to read it this way and they often run into difficulties. Enns points out that God wants our faith to be in him and not in a book. When we go to the Bible looking for the ‘right’ thing to do in our situation, we aren’t trusting God to supply his guidance but treating the Bible more like an idol.

Enns explains why we’re tempted to do this. It’s much easier to turn to a physical book or a predetermined set of beliefs or traditions, rather than trust an invisible God. Our beliefs can often give us a sense of safety that all is well between God and us because we’re living a morally acceptable life. Yet what God desires is a relationship where we trust him to lead and guide us.

Some find Enns’ thoughts controversial so much so that Enns has to emphases he isn’t against learning or studying the Bible. After all, he does have a PhD and was employed as a teaching professor of Old Testament and Biblical hermeneutics for many years. Yet despite his academic background, he is surprisingly easy to read and has a good sense of humour.

A great read.