I really enjoyed, The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. The main character, Don Tillman, probably has Asperger Syndrome so he is socially inept, misses subtleties in conversations and tends to take all remarks literally which created a lot of humour. Don is a professor in genetics and highly intelligent with an excellent memory. However he has given up on ever finding a life partner and rarely gets past a first date. He befriends a neighbour who convinces him that there is someone for everyone. He wonders how to find this person and stumbles on the idea of a questionnaire to find the perfect wife. Soon into the project he meets Rosie through a mutual friend. Don quickly realises she is completely unsuitable as a life partner but he decides to help her find her biological father through his knowledge of genetics. In the long and complicated process he falls in love with Rosie. But the relationship is fraught with difficulties, which is not surprising since they are quite incompatible as the questionnaire proves.

It is a very cleverly written book because so many things that happen in the middle and latter stages of the book tie in with things that happened earlier. In actually makes me want to read the book again to take note of how the author crafted such an effective plot. It created a sense of satisfaction with all the loose ends tied up.

The only thing that spoiled the book for me was Rosie excessive bad language. I suspect the author did this to show how different she was to Don but he had already made his point so I found it unnecessary.

Overall though it was an entertaining story of love and hope.