The Risky Way Home is another captivating story by Paula Vince. It begins with Casey responding to a job advert and reconnecting with an old-school friend. In taking up the position she finds herself unexpectedly challenged not only in the job but also in her personal life. The romantic elements in the story provide a good backdrop to the deeper issues raised in the story, issues of identity, purpose and fulfilment. These issues are dealt with in vastly different ways by the different characters – Casey in her new role, Piers as a single dad, Suzanne as a business manager, and Eric as a talented photographer. It is interesting to contrast the ideals that each of these people value as they live out what they believe equates to success.

As the story progresses, Paula has again been unafraid to delve into topical issues with skill and realism. In this instance looking at domestic violence and how women can unwittingly become trapped in this cycle of abuse. The ability of the perpetrator to go undetected for so long is chilling.

I liked the way the book finished on a note of hope for all the characters even for the ones whose issues weren’t wholly resolved. I also enjoyed the way a Christian perspective was encouraged without being overbearing.

A great read.

Thanks to Paula Vince for providing a free book for review.