There have been many, many books, sermons, songs, poems written about the love of God. Yet often God’s love is a truth we hold in our heads but don’t experience it in our daily lives. I read this book with a particular focus on whether the author, Alex Early, could translate this knowledge into practical experience. It’s a difficult challenge and I came to the book with high expectations. Overall, I felt Alex was reasonably successful.

In the early part of the book, Alex outlines the reasons for belief in the love of God. This was excellent material for new or young Christians, but I was looking for something for those of us who have been a Christian for many years and tend to take the love of God for granted. As the book progressed, Alex gave many examples from Scripture, quotes from others and his testimony to make his point. And included gems like this one: “A covenant agreement says, ‘I am committed to your good no matter how many times you break my heart, and I will lovingly abide with you through my unmet expectations.’ That’s God’s heart toward his people” (page 53-54).

Alex’s practical suggestions include meditating on the cross, reading the Bible, considering God’s forbearing attitude with his people and being other-focused. We become more aware of God’s love when we share it with others. Also questioning our own soul as David does in Psalm 42 & 43 is a beneficial practice.

Overall a helpful read.