The Problem of God is an apologetic on Christian faith. Author, Mark Clark grew up in an atheistic home but felt something was missing in his life. When he went searching for answers, he was sceptical about Christian faith. So he was surprised to find that Christianity offered better explanations to the origins of life and suffering than science or other religions. Mark is now a Christian pastor.

Mark tackles the following topics: Science, God’s existence, the Bible, myths about Jesus, evil, hell, sex, hypocrisy, exclusivity and Jesus’ death and resurrection. He looks at the inadequacies of modern thinking in these areas and presents a Christian response. I’ve read widely in these areas yet found Mark was able to bring fresh insights. I found this particularly when he discussed hell as not many writers address this topic.

Mark writes in an easy-to-read, down to earth manner. I found his explanations reasonable and well thought through. He exposes many of the lies that the world promotes through unresearched books and popular opinion. He shows the double standard of many who expect extensive proof for Christian beliefs but not requiring it for their own.

I especially enjoyed his logical approach and sense of humour.

Overall a helpful and insightful read.