This little booklet, The Prayer of Obedience by Dr Stuart Robinson, is not well titled as there is little about obedience in the book and where obedience is mentioned it is in relation to obeying the call to pray. Apart from this minor objection it is a good read. Robinson gives many historical and Biblical examples of the power of persistent prayer and its effectiveness for profound change. This change effected all areas of life not just spiritual and church life. There has been amazing social change as a result of sustained prayer. Robinson gives several examples of communities where the crime rate has dropped significantly.

I did find it a little disheartening in realizing so much depends on prayer and yet it is so hard to find believers who have a conviction to pray. Our churches desperately need to have prayer meetings yet mostly these meetings are poorly attended. Booklets like Robinson’s seem to only motivate people for short periods of time. Nevertheless overall, it was an encouraging read.