I have read and enjoyed many of Neil Anderson’s books. I have found them very helpful and this one is no exception. However, I found it misleading that the phrase “a love story” was on the front cover of my edition and I was expecting more of a personal journey of his wife’s dementia. (This has been changed in the above book cover.) However Neil sets this straight in the introduction by stating “this is not a book about dementia.” Neil calls the book a “reflection on the presence of God” which more correctly defines it.

Each chapter begins with an illustration drawn from Joanne’s, Neil’s wife, illness and the impact it has had on own his life and his relationship with God. Mostly though the book is about how we can live our Christian lives more aware of God’s presence. Neil uses a lot of Scripture to teach us, God’s perspective and his intention for us to live in daily connection with him. There is a power that is inherent in God’s presence that we should seek to tap into more often than we do. Often it is only during a crisis, like a spouse’s illness, that we take the time to consider this.

I found the first chapter particularly thought provoking. Why is it that a Christian suffering dementia experiences the same fears as others? In fact, the only difference between believers and unbelievers in this situation, is the hope of heaven that a Christian has. Neil explains this by relating it to our need of belonging and why we want people with us whenever we are going through a difficult time.

Overall, a good encouragement and a useful resource.