The Other Brother is a lovely story about what it means to be family. Families are more than a biological-related group of people living under one roof, but rather adults and children connected by love, acceptance and tolerance. Through the story, Penny Jaye shows us, in a delightful way, a family displaying these qualities.

The central character is, Jayden James. He lives with his Mum, Dad and two sisters—Steph and Lou. One day, Mitchell David who is younger than Jayden comes to live with them. Jayden is initially reluctant to make the necessary adjustments.

Heidi Cooper Smith has done a wonderful job with the illustrations. They are beautifully done and add depth and emotion to the story. I also like the font. It adds a warm and friendly tone.

Combined with the illustrations, the message of the book is told with a soft and light touch. I particularly liked that Penny was able to get her message across without any big dramas, or tantrums, just a quiet but effective example of family values.

Overall, a kind and thoughtful book.

Thanks to Penny Jaye for providing a free book for review. The book will be officially released in hardback on the 28th February and will be available for sale at that time. It can, however, be pre-ordered from the publisher’s website.