Andy Andrews is the author of an upbeat tale called, The Noticer (Thomas Nelson, 2009). It is the story of an old man named, Jones, who turns up unexpectedly to dispense wholesome advice to people in distress. His ability to know people’s names and situations as well as his ability to appear seemingly out of nowhere and leave without trace hints at angel-like qualities.

While this is an enjoyable read, it is too shallow for my taste. The people Jones meets are often struggling with deep issues and for Jones to turn their lives around so quickly and easily is stretching the otherwise realistic feel to the story. Encouraging people to see their lives from a broader perspective does not, in itself, heal emotional traumas. And even when people know what they need to do, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are equipped to do it.

Jones occasionally mentions God but never Jesus, his saving grace or his enabling power. I found this worrying as it suggests our own resources are sufficient. So while the book contains many wise sayings, and implies a Christian message it actually does not promote Christian beliefs, but perhaps Andrews never intended it to do so.

I read this book as a member of Thomas Nelson’s Book Review Blogger Program found here.

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