As I have said elsewhere I heard Michael McQueen speak on this subject and bought this book, The new rules of engagement : a guide to understanding & connecting with generation y by Michael McQueen (Nexgen Impact, 2007). The subject matter is divided into three convenient sections. The first section describes the different perspectives of the main generations that make up the 20th century. In the second section Michael writes about what he calls paradigm rifts. These are areas where the previous generations see things very differently to generation y. There are eight areas that are highlighted. The final section contains strategies to communicate more effectively with generation y.

Michael does a good job of explaining why generation y think the way they do. His explanations are clear and concise. He includes stories and examples of situations that cause concern to three main groups of people that are dealing with this generation on a daily basis. These are parents, teachers and employers. In the final section Michael has also noted which chapters in particularly are more pertinent to parents, teachers or employers. So it is not necessary to read the whole book in order to isolate the information that is relevant for your needs.

As a parent of three generation y children I found Michael’s book very helpful and I now have a greater understanding of how my children think. Unfortunately though my children are on the older end of this generation and it would have been more helpful if I had read it 10 years ago. However he only wrote the book a year or so ago!

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