Max is dismayed when he learns his school is participating in the Duke of Wellington challenge which involves three nights of camping. The principal expects his attendance. Fortunately, his three friends Joe, Lucy and Charlie (a nickname for Charlotte) are also invited. The four friends previously solved other mysteries and think of themselves as, The After-School Detective Club.

The camping expedition begins well but on the first night, Max sees strange lights in the sky when the others are asleep. The next day, they meet Byron, an American boy who lives in a large house surrounded by a high wall near the marshes.

On the second night, Max again sees strange lights in the sky. This time he also spots Byron who appears to be running from the lights. He sees Byron caught and taken away. Max thinks he’s been abducted by aliens.

The Mystery in the Marshes is a good, fun adventure with an exciting mystery. Through the story, the author, Mark Dawson also demonstrates how to be a good friend.

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