The Man Who Died Twice is the second book in the Thursday Murder Club Mystery series. The story begins with Elizabeth receiving a mysterious letter, which she later shares with the other members of the Murder Club: Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron who are all in their seventies and living in a retirement village in Kent. The letter requests her company for a drink but is signed by a dead man. Elizabeth can’t resist a mystery and accepts the invitation. She quickly discovers that twenty million pounds worth of diamonds has gone missing. The Murder Club is happy to get involved and quite determined to find the diamonds, despite the dead bodies that keep turning up. They find themselves dealing with mobsters and the mafia but are undaunted in the pursuit of their version of justice.

The story, like all good mysteries, has a good measure of twists and turns, red herrings and a satisfying conclusion. Richard Osman includes enough backstories and subplots concerning the main characters to make them relatable and interesting. Osman is improving in his craft. This story is a little less complex than his first novel and I didn’t notice any abnormalities, which I did in his first book.

Overall, an enjoyable, intriguing story.

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