The Leading Edge by Jack Hayford (Charisma House, 2001) is a collection of twenty-four articles originally written for the magazine, Ministries Today. Each chapter is one magazine article and therefore complete in itself. This means the book does not have to be read in order but rather you can read the chapter which is relevant for you at the moment. The downside is the book does not flow from chapter to chapter which is a little disconcerting if you want to read the book from cover to cover.

Jack Hayford has written these articles from his wealth of experience as a pastor and leader. His wisdom and common sense approach is edifying and encouraging. He tackles many of the difficult problems that present in churches today including the place of prophecy, immorality amongst leadership, deliverance ministry, clergy salaries, worship and other more general leadership topics. Some chapters are about his own personal Christian life and he shares candidly about his own prayer life and spiritual growth.

This book provides a beneficial overview of many of the issues that confront churches and while Jack does not always provide specific answers to every challenge he does provide much guidance and direction for leaders.