Jim Moret’s book, The last day of my life (Incognito books, 2009) gets off to a great start, makes a significant impact in the middle, but unfortunately doesn’t come to a satisfying end.

The book is largely biographical and covers many difficult times in Moret’s life. He lost a couple of childhood friends to cancer and his parents went through a messy divorce which led to him being estranged from his biological father. Later he made some bad financial decisions which, coupled with the financial melt down in America, put him in a bad place. At his lowest point with his marriage in trouble, he considered suicide but ultimately concluded that he was worth more to his family alive then dead, no matter how big the insurance policy. From this place he challenges his reader with the question, what would you do if you knew you only had one day to live?

While I didn’t expect the book to end with his financial problems solved, I would have liked to have known how he was progressing financially since he had explained in some detail these problems early in the book. He also hints at belief in a higher power but doesn’t elaborate on his spiritual understanding, and if this changed as a result of his experiences. So while this was an interesting read it left me feeling a bit cheated.