The Last Anniversary is another enjoyable story by Liane Moriarty. The main character is Sophie Honeywell who is single, nearly forty and desperate to be in a stable relationship. She unexpectedly inherits the house of her ex-boyfriend’s Aunt Connie and moves to Scribbly Gum Island on the Hawkesbury River, north of Sydney. The island is famous because of the “Munro Baby Mystery” which occurred some seventy years earlier. Alice and Jack Munro, disappeared without a trace, leaving behind a baby girl. The baby is brought up by Connie, Rose and their frail father, the only other residents on the island at the time. The island became a tourist destination with tours of the Munro house, picnics and afternoon teas.

The Munro baby is now an elderly woman with two children, three grandchildren and two recent great-grandchildren, many of whom live with their spouses on the island. The tourist trade has made them all quite wealthy.

As Sophie gets to know the various residents, she discovers all sorts of secrets and intrigue. Events culminate on the night of the anniversary of the discovery of the Munro baby and all the secrets come spilling out, including the mysterious disappearance of Alice and Jack.

After having read several Liane Moriarty’s novels, I’m now starting to pick up the clues she leaves which adds to my enjoyment of her stories. However, she still manages to surprise me with her last-minute twists. I also enjoy the way Moriarty weaves a current social issue into her stories.

Overall a great read.