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I enjoyed The Kingdom of the Air by C. T. Wells, even though it’s not what I would normally choose to read. The story was engaging from the start. Josef Schafer is a South African born, German pilot who is shot down over England during World War 2. He is returned safely to Germany by an English Special Operations agent but is blackmailed into relaying information to some French resistance operatives. As we follow Josef’s interactions with Giselle, her brother and their friend, we see him struggling with issues of loyalty, betrayal and the nature of truth.

I was glad that I’d seen the TV series, Foyle’s War as this book is set in the same time period although most of the action happens in France, rather than England. However there are similar ethical dilemmas, also Christopher Foyle’s son was a pilot which provide me with some background to the context of the book.

I found the book to be engrossing. The author managed to create a good deal of tension and suspense and there was a sense of realism to the story. Even the ‘good guys’ didn’t always behave with integrity. The story is complete in itself but does lend itself to a sequel.

Overall a great read.

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