The Inheritance by Jo-anne Berthelsen is a moving story about unfaithfulness, tragedy, bitterness and how faith in God can bring love, forgiveness and hope.

Michael Trevelyan is bound by his unhappy childhood and refuses to let go his resentment despite the attempts of his deathly ill mother. The conditions of her will only increase his resentment as he struggles to hold onto the family estate and maintain a busy medical practice. Meanwhile, he is drawn to the local doctor’s daughter, Alexandra, but their different world views create impossible grounds for a long-term relationship.

This is a strongly Christian story, but it needs to deal with the consequences of shocking past failures. Only in God is there hope for restoration and healing. The thing I liked most about this book is the raw emotion which draws you into the story. I could feel their pain. I liked the reality of people putting on a good façade but seeing their emotions play out in their relationships. I also liked the slow leak of information and the surprising contrasts that developed through the story.

Overall a great story.

Thanks to Even Before Publishing for providing a free book for review.