The Husband’s Secret revolves around three women Cecilia, Rachel and Tess who barely know each other yet are simultaneously experiencing major traumas in their lives, which has been thrust upon them by others. Mostly they are unable to share their problems with others. Their lives overlap in surprising and complex ways and yet Moriarty has managed to confine the drama to just one week at Easter. The book raises a number of ethical dilemmas and one wonders how the story can possibly come to a satisfactory conclusion, but it does. Even so, these ethical dilemmas remain with the reader long after they have finished the book. It is a cleverly written and well-planned story with enough realism to be intriguing. It also has some lighter moments which add a touch of humour.

This is the second novel by Liane Moriarty that I’ve read and enjoyed. She is a talented writer who has a knack of bringing characters to life by writing with profound insight into human thought and decision-making processes. She also writes interesting plots with unexpected twists by creating situations with thought-provoking ethical and moral predicaments.

Overall a great read.