Geoffrey Johnstone can tell a good story and his self-published book, The Gumtree Pulpit, is an easy to read group of stories. His laid-back style and uncomplicated faith make his stories straightforward, interesting and often humorous. They have a subtle point to them which he connects to themes in the book of Romans. I would have liked a bit more depth and application of these points but nevertheless he does seek to show this in the introductions to the stories, which are letters addressed to his daughter Cara. This is a novel way of introducing his thoughts.

The overall tone of the book is upbeat and positive. He sees the God of the Bible as a God of love and grace. I particularly liked his chapter on forgiveness. God’s grace is so extravagant the forgiven person is better off than before they sinned. God not only forgives us but he restores us and we are forever changed. “The story of mankind starts in a garden but ends in a celestial city. He is not just saved but is promised a state of glory.”

I found the book hopeful and encouraging.

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