The National Post describes David Gilmour as “a brave writer and a brave father”. I would have to agree. In his book, The film club (Ebury Press, 2008), Gilmour tells the story of how he allowed his son to drop out of high school on the proviso he watched three films a week of his father’s choosing. The book covers the three year period Gilmour and his son watched movies together. Fortuitously during this time Gilmour was experiencing a career shift and had spare time on his hands. Gilmour had at one time worked as a film critic for a television show, he knew about films. The films he chose were mostly classics of one sort or another. Gilmour knew about the plots, the sub-plots, the directors and even the camera men. Watching movies with his son soon became the back drop for a multitude of conversations about life, work, women, drink, drugs, sex and in the process his son grows up.

Not only is Gilmour brave in allowing his son to drop out of school, he is also brave in sharing his story publicly. He tells the story well, sharing his reservations and doubts in an honest and slightly humorous way. He is not afraid of sharing his embarrassments and his own failures. Thereby making a story which is easy to relate to, especially if you have ever been the parent of a teenage boy.

Tomorrow I’ll share a couple of my favourite lines.

Please note since I usually review Christian books, I just want to make it clear this is not a Christian book and as such contains bad language and bad morals – but nevertheless it is a great story!