Mark Stephens seeks to challenge the way we share our opinions and ideas in his short book, The end of thinking? Since thinking is a simple thing to do and we do it all the time, we believe we think well. However, sometimes we don’t think clearly or logically because we’re influence by emotion rather than well-thought-through arguments.

Stephens writes that we’re often too quick to share our opinions as facts and don’t listen to those we disagree with. We become too comfortable with our position on issues and ignore any evidence that would cause us to question our position. We’re influenced by our past histories and experiences, without taking into account the experiences of others. We’re also influenced by so-called experts without investigating the quality of their research. One scientific study isn’t enough to rely on when making important decisions. Instead of seeking certainty for our decisions, we would do better to cultivate confidence as there are very few things we can be truly certain of (except death and taxes, of course).

We have to be careful that our need to ‘be right’ doesn’t become arrogance and make us less willing to listen to others. Being a good thinker requires humility, hospitality and love so we can share our ideas in a way that benefits others.

Stephens writes in an easy-to-read manner with a touch of humour.

Overall a helpful read.

There’s an excellent book trailer on YouTube.

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