I came to the book, The end of me wondering what the end of me looked like in practical terms. I found Kyle Idleman presents familiar material from a different perspective. In some ways, I found this a little disappointing yet he presents an important message that bears repeating, especially in our self-focused culture.

What does the end of me look like? A quick summary would include: acknowledging our brokenness, asking for help, a lack of busyness, putting a stop to disqualifying ourselves, acknowledging our weaknesses, voluntarily confessing sins, treating others better than ourselves, giving sacrificially and anonymously, and picking up a towel to serve others. Possibly there were others but these were the ones that stood out to me.

The book was made easier to read and the truths more palatable by Kyle’s self-deprecating sense of humour. He doesn’t come across as someone who has achieved great spiritual heights, but rather as someone sharing some helpful insights.

Overall a worthwhile read.