I have enjoyed other Rosalie Ham books but The Dressmaker not so much. In the first few chapters we are introduced to the people who live in Dungatar but they are such an unlikable group of people, it was hard to distinguish one from another. They behaved in unlikely ways with no explanation. I didn’t find them well drawn and consequently found it difficult to keep track of who was who.

The story had an interesting premise. Tilly a young woman, returns home after having being sent away as a child. She returns, one assumes, to look after her elderly mother who now suffers from some form of mental impairment. Tilly’s ability as a dressmaker begins to win over the townspeople when another totally unnecessary tragedy strikes and the story becomes a tale of misery and gloom. Yet it seems to be written in the light hearted style of a comedy. However I found it difficult to be amused when there was so much adversity and misfortune.

The mystery surrounding around why Tilly was forced to leave all those years ago was the one thing that kept me reading and this, at least, was resolved satisfactorily.

Overall though, I found it a disappointing read.