The Daily Chase is a collection of 100 extracts taken from Tommy Tenney’s previous books: The God Chasers, Extreme Godchasers, God’s Favourite House, Secret Sources of Power, and the newsletter. As I have read a couple of these books, I’m familiar with the concept of a “God chaser.” I think the book’s message would be hard to grasp if you haven’t read any of Tenney’s previous work. On the other hand, having 100 extracts was a bit too many as the themes became a bit repetitive.

Tenney’s experience of God and his church situation are vastly different from mine. He says he is no longer interested in merely experiencing God’s anointing, but wants to experience God’s glory. I had to smile, at the churches that I frequent I would be happy just to experience a bit more of God’s anointing, as we are a long way from God’s glory. Nevertheless, I found it encouraging to read Tenney’s heart’s desire for God and found myself longing for more of God’s presence too.

Another theme was the need to die to self, and Tenney often referred to this as the death of our flesh. Along with this were themes of forgiveness, repentance and sacrifice. All up it provides a good summary of the themes that are important to Tenney.

Overall, a worthwhile read.

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