The Cave is part of the Quick Reads series. Through the story, Kate Mosse shows us the importance of finding closure when dealing with grief and loss. Frederick Smith lost his brother in the first World War, but his body was never found and there was no funeral or memorial. For these reasons, Fred and his parents have found it difficult to deal with their loss. The story involves a time travel twist. This technique is a useful way for Mosse to deal with the emotional issues she raises in the story.

Ten years after the war, Freddie is on his way to meet some friends when his car crashes in a bad storm. He trudges to a nearby village where he finds shelter. He meets Marie but Fred realises there’s something outdated and odd about her. She tells him the tragic story of her life during war times and the loss of her family. Through sharing their stories, Fred begins to find some comfort.

Overall, the story is well written and plotted. It provides insight into the importance of the emotional release of grieving and the closure that rituals and memorials can bring.

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