The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan is Book 4, in the Enola Holmes mystery series, by Nancy Springer. It’s another great mystery. This time Enola discovers that Lady Cecily, a victim from Book 2, has been kidnapped by relatives, with the intention of marrying her to her cousin. Lady Cecily’s mother employs Sherlock to find her daughter. Consequently, Sherlock and Enola chance upon each other in their quest to find Lady Cecily. Through the use of disguise, and feminine wiles, Enola is again able to gather information which is inaccessible to Sherlock.

Throughout the story Enola struggles with her emotions concerning her brother, who she holds in high regard, but understands he isn’t pleased with her autonomous life style. She learns from Sherlock the final message that her mother left her, but it’s not what she hoped for. Nevertheless, for the time being, Enola is content to go about her detective work.

While each book in the story has a familiar pattern, of a missing person, odd clues, many disguises and coded messages, they are well-written, with clever plots.

A great read.

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