I thoroughly enjoyed, The Case of the Missing Marquess, by Nancy Springer. On the first page, we discover that Enola’s mother hasn’t returned home and Enola’s brothers are summoned to the family home. Her brothers are, Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes. They quickly realise that their mother left voluntarily, but why?

Once it becomes apparent that their mother won’t be returning anytime soon, Mycroft decides, without consulting her preferences, that Enola must be sent to boarding school. While this is being arranged Enola plans her own escape to London, to not only find her mother, but also to escape the suffocating expectations of her male relatives.

However, on her way to London, Enola comes across the disappearance of another run away, who is a marquess. Enola is swept up in this mystery and through this process Enola becomes aware that she has the skills and abilities to become a detective. The book concludes with Enola setting up a detective practice in London.

This is a great story with a good plot. I also liked Enola’s kindness to those less fortunate than herself, which was a nice touch and helped explain how she spent her time. The story is also a historic insight into the attitude of men towards women at this time in England, and the many restrictions this brought to women.

A great read.