The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets is Book 3 in the Enola Holmes mystery series by Nancy Springer. It is another well plotted and engaging story, which focusses this time on the disappearance of Sherlock Holmes’ good friend, Dr. Watson.

The story begins with Dr. Watson in a lunatic asylum, having been sent there as Mr. Kippersalt. All of Dr. Watson’s protestations are dismissed as a sign of his delusions. Meanwhile Dr. Watson’s disappearance is reported in the newspapers, which is where Enola reads about it. While Enola is keen to help discover his whereabouts, she also knows Sherlock will be eager to find him, and she must avoid detection.

Enola, in one of her disguises, visits Dr. Watson’s wife and notices, amongst the expected bouquets of flowers, there is one very bizarre bouquet. In the process of solving the mystery of Dr. Watson’s disappearance, Enola also solves a murder case. This story does leave more clues than in the previous books, (or maybe I’m getting more observant!) but still manages to produce an unexpected twist at the end.

The theme of Enola’s concern for the poor of London is continued, and also the coded conversations in the newspaper, between Enola and her mother, who is also in hiding. While Enola, greatly misses her mother, this contact assures her of her mother’s interest. There is a particularly touching scene where Enola comes to the point of forgiving her mother for deserting her, and she comes to a place of peace with her mother’s decisions.

Overall a great read.

Thanks to Christian School Suppliers for providing a free book for review.