The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp, is very well written book, but rather overwhelming. Ann shares many personal tragedies and explores her feelings at length. I found this too raw and at times repetitive. However, because she is such a fine writer, using descriptive passages and effective metaphors, she is able to keep readers engaged.

The theme of the book is living a life of brokenness, like Jesus did. Ann uses practical examples from her own life, writing about her failures and successes. While I could identify with many of her failures, I had trouble with her successes as they seemed exceptional situations, rather than regular experiences of living from a place of brokenness. I would have liked more every day practical examples, so I could get a better understanding of what she meant by a life of brokenness.

I appreciated some of Ann’s general understanding of suffering and found this helpful. However, she is probably not an author I will read again because I struggled with her style of writing, which was too descriptive for my taste.

Overall an interesting read, but heavy going.