David Jeremiah is a prolific speaker and writer. He has written extensively on prophesy and the book of Revelation, as well as many other subjects. The Book of Signs is a sort of summary of major prophesies in the Bible and is divided into five parts. The first two parts are mostly about the current state of spirituality in the world and the final three parts are future prophesies and an expected timeline for these events.

I liked the way Jeremiah has tackled his subject matter. He probably could have written a commentary on Revelation with this material. Instead, he has isolated all the major events and spent a chapter discussing each one, using other biblical books to emphasises his points. Although this approach occasionally led to repetition, I found it a clearer way of understanding the prophesies.

The Book of Signs is quite a long book but Jeremiah writes in a down to earth and easy to understand way so I didn’t feel bogged down. The chapters were long enough to get a good grasp of his main points, but not so long that you became lost in the details. He also included some personal application so it wasn’t just information. Knowing prophecy should make a difference in the way we live.

Some of the highlights for me were understanding the significance of Israel being back in her own land and how this happened in “one day.” I enjoyed Jeremiah’s understanding of rewards, his thoughts on heaven and his beliefs regarding the sequence of end-time events.

Overall a helpful understanding of biblical prophecy.