Dickson, in his book, The best kept secret of Christian mission, comes to this topic from a very different perspective to others that I have read. He begins by asking the questions: what is our motivation for mission and what is the most basic doctrine of the Bible? Dickson’s answers are rather surprising. Throughout the Old Testament he points out that we find the reoccurring thought, as expressed in Psalm 96:3, is “Declare his glory among the nations, his marvellous deeds among all peoples.” Our task in mission is to make God’s name known and in fact, it has always been God’s intention for his people to declare to all nations the glory of his name.

Dickson then proceeds to explain in practical terms how we can promote the gospel in our day to day going about – by doing good to others, showing hospitality, praying, giving, helping, caring and sometimes, even speaking! Dickson also discusses the role of the church. Sometimes an ordinary church service where people are engaged, enthusiastic and responsive will be enough to convince some that Christianity is worth investigating.

In the appendix Dickson provides some examples of what to say if we are given an opportunity to share the gospel.

A refreshing look at Christian mission which relieves guilt and makes it seem very possible.