The Bait of Satan (Charisma House, 2004) was first published in 1994 and has been republished several times since. John Bevere writes in a confronting way and at times he is quite abrupt. I personally would have preferred a more gentle approach. Nevertheless Jesus himself was sometimes confronting and abrupt particularly to the religious people of his day. Likewise I feel Bevere is addressing those people who have spent most of their lives in churches.

The book discusses the whole issue of offense, both how to avoid giving offense and why it is important not to take offense or to hold onto grudges, insults and hurts. He explains how seriously Jesus views unforgiveness and highlights Jesus’ teaching in this area. Bevere’s most startling claim was God sometimes allows people the opportunity of being offended in order to develop their faith or to move them out of a place where God hasn’t directed them.

In regard to not giving offense, Bevere makes it clear that sometimes it will be unavoidable because people were offended with Jesus and therefore they will be offended with us. However there are occasions when we need to put aside our own rights in order not to unnecessarily offend others.

There is much good teaching in this book and Bevere shares many examples from the lives of others as well as his own life. He is not afraid to admit making mistakes which I found encouraging.