David Rawlings has written a speculative novel, dealing with emotional baggage. However, the term, “emotional baggage” isn’t used in the story. Rather Rawlings creates three scenarios where people are carrying emotional baggage that is detrimental to their daily decision making. Through the story, they are encouraged to deal with their “baggage” and live free of the issues that are holding them back in their career or relationships.

The story begins with three fictional people arriving at an airport and shortly after they arrive, they discover they have picked up the wrong luggage from the baggage carousel. To get their luggage, they must travel to the airport’s baggage depot and engage in a series of conversations with the baggage handler. The baggage handler is like a counsellor who helps them discover for themselves why they are allowing past issues in their lives to define them. I was pleased the baggage handler explained that these conversations were the beginning of a process. Dealing with emotional baggage is rarely a quick or easy process.

The three character’s backgrounds are all believable and relatable and intertwine in a well thought out manner. The story finishes in a satisfying, but not perfect way, leaving the reader with a sense of hope.

A good read.