The Back Leg of a Goat by Penny Reeve is another adventure story in the life of Tania Abbey. It is the third one I have read though it was actually written first. These stories are all stand alone so it is not necessary to read them in order.

This particular story involves raising money to buy a goat for a poor family in India. The goat would not only be a source of fresh milk but also the start of a goat raising business. Initially Tania only has enough money to buy, perhaps, the back leg but soon she has a plan…

I have enjoyed this series of book because it helps children to think about the difference they can make in the world. God does not consider children too young to do something to help someone else. It also encourages them to have their own relationship with God and this aspect of faith was handled well.

The Back Leg of a Goat is a fun story for primary school children and well worth a read.

Thanks to Penny Reeve for providing a free book for review. Reveiws of the other books in the Tania Abbey series: Water or Goo and More than a mouse.

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