Cecily Paterson has shown through this story a personality, that I have rarely come across in a fictional story, but have certainly seen in real life. (I know adults who should read this book!) Ava is an 11-year-old girl who lets other people take responsibility for her. This initially was her older sister and her family but also her best friend, Josie. Ava believes that other people must enjoy looking out for her and picking up after her, otherwise, why would they do it? A telling moment in the book is when in a moment of self-awareness, Ava asks her sister why she voluntarily does so much for her.

The Ava Show is set in the context of the covid pandemic, when there are many changes and Josie is no longer around to help Ava. Her family now have other pressing concerns and less time to help Ava. To make matters worse, Ava’s irresponsibility leads to their dog escaping from home and wandering the neighbourhood. Although Ava manages to find her before the family arrives home, the consequences are ongoing.

An insightful and enjoyable story.

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